Diode laser is the latest technology for permanent hair removal.
A pulsed diode laser beam is used to heat up the hair follicles enough to destroy them, while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged.

LASER Advantages:

  1.     Our new technique provides a high-powered output with high speed and wide spot size, it enables to reduce treatment time, and also its powerful cooling system enables to provide more safe and less painful treatment.  It is designed to remove even Velus hair.
  2. Safety
    DEPILIGHT PLUS treatment is safe due to uniformity and stability of its laser beam quality; thus, minimizing thermal damage to surrounding tissues.
  3.   High Energy
    DEPILIGHT PLUS has high power diode laser output which makes possible to deliver high energy in short time to treat thin hair. For thin hair removal, concentrated high power is necessary.
    DEPILIGHT PLUS emits short pulse width with a Sapphire cooling tip system that eliminates pain and risk of burn.
  4. Ultra-Fast
    Fastest treatment with 10Hz repetition rate.
    Collimated lenses uniformly radiate direct wave that makes the laser beam much more focused.

In Donna Beauty Lounge & Spa four techniques of hair removal are available depending on customer needs and budget.
Satisfactory results are guaranteed.